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“I believe that whoever accepts the imperfections of life, is a happy person in balance with himself and his environment and will appreciate this simple folkloric art. It comes from the heart.”

My name is Julie Rausenberger. I am a hobby artist from Antwerp (Belgium) since 1991. Since childhood I have shown interest in the fascinating world of the visual arts. With a block of paper, a few coloured pencils or pots of paint and brushes, I used to be sweet for hours to let my imagination run wild. My passion for creativity soon found its way to the Sint-Lucas secondary art school in Antwerp, where I started studying Visual and Architectural Education in 2006. Chained between the walls of an art academy and under the strict eye of my teachers I felt my sense of creativity seeping away. Convinced that art must flow from the subjective free course of sensory experience – and that it can only flourish freely without the value judgement of so-called critics who determine what art is and what is not -, I decided to exchange my education in the arts for a study of tourism.

“Art taught me that nothing can flourish when it is forced.”

– Julie

I then stopped painting for more than ten years. Because of the ideological dispute between my imaginative (and somewhat surrealistic) vision of art and the current social views on modern art valorisation, I felt increasingly blocked on a creative level. My love for colours, shapes, tastes, smells and faces nevertheless became even stronger over the years. During my distant travels to Latin America and Southeast Asia, my inner flame of art became rekindled and I felt increasingly inspired by these senses. Abroad I visited many art galleries and I bought a painting here and there. Yet I found neither time, nor space, nor courage to start painting again.

Only when I stood at a crossroads of personal development in my life in 2017, I did feel inner peace and new energy flowing through my artistic veins. As I scoure, scrub and paint hard on her my home, it starts to itch more and more to create new works of art. Initially I exchanged painting on walls for painting on cardboard, but by the turn of the year I finally tried my luck on canvas again.

A SNEAK PEEK of my paintings…

My art does not have the commercial or artistic level as that of the great masters, but its intention is honest and dutiful. Anyone who feels connected to a work of art can buy it at a fair price of their own choosing. My works with the principle of free contribution. In addition, for each work of art sold, 20% of the proceeds go to charity.

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