My Mission

My mission is to devote myself to painting multicultural portraits that are akin to ‘folk art’. Folk art’ has a rather utilitarian and decorative character and originated within the folk traditions of indigenous cultures. It is therefore art without artistic pretensions by ordinary people for ordinary people, which is similar to my vision of art as a liberal expression of human development as proposed by Rudolf Steiner. Within his anthroposophical teaching Steiner saw the artist as a human being who connects himself with the creative forces and powers hidden in the outer world. I also strives to use physical material to participate in an immaterial artistic creation process.

“I see art as a liberal expression of human development.”

– Julie

My interest in such cultural and spiritual identity does not only depend on anthroposophy and folk art, but can also be explained by my academic training as a social and cultural anthropologist. Also in anthropology (the study of man) man and his culture are central in all aspects. Despite cultural differences within humanity, I want to convey common values and emotions with my art. I am convinced that people all over the world – despite their ethnic, tribal, religious, spiritual, professional, socio-economic, geographical, age or gender based personal characteristics – are able to connect with each other. Visual art is a medium that I want to give out as a tool.

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