My Vision

My works of art are usually worked out in a more technically sober way without trying to work out every detail or perspective ‘precisely’ or truthfully. This is also characteristic of folk art in which traditional rules of proportion and perspective are not used. By this, my works refer to the acceptance of imperfection, which is also omnipresent in life. Whoever accepts the imperfections of life, is a happy person in balance with himself and his environment and will appreciate this simple art. The message behind the painting is deliberately left open because I assume that the emotion for the admirer can be experienced differently than by the artist. Vision is extremely personal, and although objectivity dominates, subjectivity excels.

My art does not have the commercial or artistic level of the great masters, but the intention is honest and dutiful. Those who feel connected to a work of art can buy it at a fair price of their own choice. With this principle of free contribution, I hope that my work will reach the right target audience without any form of exclusion and that I can continue to develop myself without financial worries about purchasing new material and by following artistic courses and workshops in the future.

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