Julie Rausenberger (15 October 1991) is a travel, study and work abroad blogger and lifestyle influencer from Antwerp, Belgium, who currently lives in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. She holds a BA in Tourism in Leisure Management and a MSC in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Formerly, a PhD Candidate in Social Sciences, Julie decided to quit her high pressure career in 2018 to focus again on what really makes her happy: traveling and sharing her passion and expertise about travel, study and work abroad with others.

After having spent some time in India where she had the time to reflect upon her life and goals, she moved to Mallorca where she now combines her job in the tourism industry with her blog, From Julie with Love.

About From Julie with Love

From Julie with Love started accidentally as a personal initiative of Julie to keep in touch with her family and friends because she was going to study abroad in Spain in 2013.

The blog was so successful that she decided to continue writing about her adventures abroad when she went to do her internship in Ecuador and later on in Cambodia.

She never kept writing ever since? No, unfortunately not. The blog knew its ups and downs. When Julie started to be more occupied with her Masters’ and doctoral studies, she could manage to combine pursuing her degrees, studying for exams, writing academic papers, conducting research and attending international conferences together with the blog. She took a blog-break between 2015-2018.

Good news… In 2019 Julie re-launched From Julie with Love with a brand-new lay-out and stronger content than ever.


Over the years, Julie has many experiences living, working, studying, researching and traveling abroad:

  • as an exchange student in Spain
  • as an intern volunteer group leader in Ecuador
  • as a volunteer project leader in Cambodia
  • as an exchange student in Miami
  • as an anthropology researcher in Cuba
  • as a destination consultant in Mallorca
  • and believe it or not… many more!

She is not just addicted to travelling, she is passionate about photographing, painting and writing. She loves life in all its quirks…

Julie also used to read a lot about psychology, tourism, New age, art, cultures and so on. But nowadays, she feels like she is living her own drama story, so instead of reading those books, she has started to write her own stories… She hope you like it, because she likes the idea of… “sharing is caring”!

If you want to get to know JULIE better, you should check out:

Julie also write about STUDYING, TRAVELING and WORKING abroad:

PS: Thank you so much for following my blog. I really enjoy sharing all my stories, pictures and thoughts with you. Because I’m convinced that true wisdom is not defined by education but by experience. And that means action. I learned that for true actions, people need true inspirations.

Let me start by bringing inspiration to you. Namasté.

If you would like to COLLABORATE, please feel free to drop Julie a message:


    1. Hey Julie ben jij al vertrokken het ga je goed daar in Gandia moest je nog iets nodig hebben laat het dan weten kunnen we het altijd meebrengen groetjes tante bie

      1. Hey tante Bie! Ja ik ben zoals je kan lezen goed aangekomen 🙂 Brengen jullie maar lege koffers mee want dan kan ik al mijn warme winter-kledij terug mee geven, het is hier al veel te warm daar voor hihihi groetjes

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