Travel Abroad

A life without travelling, is like a book of which you only read one page. I once read that and never forgot. Another great quote: Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer. And yes, I write it with a capital letter. Because the world – in which we travel – is our God. I believe God is not a person, not a power, it is the universe, the world. And there is no way to describe the world. Because it is everything. Travelling means everything, to me.

“To Travel is To Live”

Check out these destinations:

Not once you can finish a trip by holding something in your hands, not once you can see what it did to you. But always you become richer, more fulfilled and free. To me, it means the world. Because every journey is like an investigation to myself. Most of the time, that’s the reason why I travel by myself. I am convinced that when you travel together, that you are focussed on your partner and you cannot absorb your surroundings the way you can do it when you are by yourself. And yes, the first trips by myself frightened me because I got to know myself from a different side. Suprising yourself with yourself is scarying but amazing. Travelling is amazing.

“Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist”

Go on a journey yourself, and start by travelling in your mind. Starting here sounds like a great place to do it! Let me help you on your way…

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