From March 1st 2014 until June 20th 2014 I was living, volunteering and traveling in Ecuador! I was working for the Yanapuma Foundation, this is an Ecuadorian and UK registered non-governmental organization working together with local and international partners to bring about lasting change for the marginalized and indigenous people of Ecuador. Yanapuma collaborates with grass-roots organizations and local communities all around Ecuador to offer reliable and rewarding volunteer work.

Check out what I did for WORK in Ecuador:

I felt so blessed to be collaborating with them for my final internship, afterwards I graduated from my Professional Bachelor in Tourism and Leisure Management. This opportunitiy has been amazing and I definetely tried to make the best out of it as a group leader for the volunteers.

During 3,5 months I was practicing my Spanish again, and this time I stayed with a local host family in the capital city of Quito to be able to absorb the culture the best I could. I was very excited and I hope you are also ready and steady to explore these new adventures with me here at From Julie with Love!

I also worked on the Galapagos Islands and got some holiday time there too.

Check out my GALAPAGOS Dream Journey:

My work as a group leader continued after that on the Ecuadorian mainland. There I went on countless adventures that have challenged me so much that finally got to leave my comfort zone.

Check out how I left my COMFORT ZONE in Ecuador:

And then…. a surprise came out.. and I went to work during the Summer of 2014 in Cambodia !

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