Slow down Society

Did you ever stop and stand still? While the world is the hunter, chasing all of us. Following us with what they call evolution and progress…

“This is not a race. You don’t have to run. You might even slow it down, take a look around, in stead of chasing everyone…”

I noticed that if I let the hunted feeling go, that I can ‘unpower’ the world, that I ‘overpower’ it. Because whenever the world stops influencing you, only if it is for a few hours or a day. There is space to make personal evolution. And there is time to make up a balance for yourself.

Yesterday, I took a bus and I walked through the city. Never before had I been looking so different to things and people. It was a long time ago since I was there. I saw that a lot of old stores were gone and a lot of new, fancy ones had appeared. They were obviously better, nicer and cooler than the previous ones. When I tried to remember which store that has been there before, I could not even remember. That’s how we, humans, are. Out of the eye, out of the heart. Admit it or not.

If we can replace something or someone for the better than we are like whatever. Whatever for that lost thing or lost person. Is that honest? What happened to the other person, to that other thing? We just forget and by forgetting it seems that there is not an issue anymore. I call it ignoring.

I think the world is moving too fast and I feel like I cannot withhold the world from doing that. But I do feel that I don’t have to follow. I feel like one of the chosen ones to argue with trends, new cellphones, cars, … The world offers you to do things, to have things, to buy things and even to be a kind of person, but the world, the society will never be able to force me, right?

And by that position I’m in, I create a distance. A distance between myself and the society I live in. It feels as if I’m not part of it sometimes. Because it is ought to have a driver’s license at my age and to go to all festivals in summer and to wear fashion clothes etcetera. You know, I would love to be part of something, I even long to it. Belonging somewhere to someone. But if it is this way, I rather am alone. Lost in society. The outsider. For the good, waiting for better. Only willing to change for the best. And then I conclude, I am not like the rest.

What about you? Are you like the rest? Why?

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