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But I guess not all days can go easy. That’s just life…
Let’s do a small update:

I still haven’t got a farm to go grape picking. There is one that supposed to call me one of these days but I didn’t hear from them yet. Than, yesterday, by coincidence, I met some old friends again and had dinner. I told them about my plans and they told me they know some farmers and they called some. They might even go with me with their mobilhome, all great but I’m becoming impatient… Please somebody:: bite my bait please!!

My cat is better. Fortunately. But still doesn’t eat well.

This evening I read my mailbox: I received a job offer on which I supposed to answer this afternoon, I guess. Because during the weekend they are closed and on Monday they are supposed to decide who gets the job. Oh my god, why haven’t I answer this mail before? They offer an administration job at an expedition company for € 1671 for a month!!!! (About 2000 USD)

And above all, it started raining again .. Pff!

Well, I guess it’s not my day today. Hopefully some good things are on their way…

But to give this post a positive message after all:

I guess you have to go with the flow. Swimming against the waves, has never brought anyone quickly ashore….

Bless you, my friends.

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