Spain study abroad

Getting ready

Thursday I had an official meeting called “Get Reddie”. All students that go on Erasmus (study or practice) came together with coordinators… They informed us concerning necessary documents, practical issues and even emotional issues.

Ever since that evening, I realise it’s really coming closer!!

The closer they get, the farther away they seem to be
because you simply cannot believe
dreams that are too good to be true
dreams that are as good as just true

So maybe, for those who didn’t know yet: next semester I’ll be going to Spain to study one semester. The exchange program is officially called Erasmus.

Currently, I am following 6 hours of Spanish: 3 at school and 3 at Antwerp’s University during the evening. So I am definately working on it. However, I am a little bit frightened of the language, not because I don’t think I will learn it overthere, but because I have to take classes – follow courses in Spanish there. It definately won’t be easy but I hope that I will make it.

Apart from that, I am still searching for accommodation – a place to stay… I’ve sent a few emails but I guess it’s typically Spanish to NOT answer on any of them. So I’m sending reminders and other emails and it takes a lot of time without having a lot of results. Fortunately, I did manage to get officially enrolled for the degree in Tourism at the University overthere, which took from May until October to get accepted?! Again here: theydid not answer, not receive things, they needed other documents etcetera. But heeey!! I made it! I am officially accepted at the University of Valencia. So that brings us back to my first point: I have to get ready!!

The more I manage to prepare, the more unprepared there seems to be. I guess it will be as usual: the moment I leave, I will still feel unprepared. That’s so typically!   But honestly, I just can’t wait to leave! Even though a part of me is so scared to do it and even though another part in me feels like this still isn’t true. Because it’s just too good to be true?!

So, just to inform you: here I will also put my blog messages from ‘my adventure in Spain’ once I’m there… Looking forward!


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