A (f*cked up) Love Poem

Goodbye my friend, Goodbye my lover


It’s hard to say goodbye, to tell myself I don’t need you anymore

I still haven’t find out where you were stuck: in my heart of in my mind

I can’t figure it out – I lost my proud

I exchanged love for a passion, you became my toy instead of my right hand

You were my back-up plan, but you didn’t make a chance as my man

In my mind, I fucked you and I mind-fucked you

More and more

I wanted to be more, I felt more, there was nothing more

Whenever you walked out the door

I only remember two moments

On the floor, Once fucking – Once crying


They say 1 + 1 is 2 but together we were a fucking rollercoaster

You made me crazy

Oh yes and I was crazy about you

But damn I still wonder did I love you

Or did I love it

Feeling like a mess because of your shit

They say shit happens

And life ‘s a bitch

You’re the shit, I’m a bitch

I’m living and you just happened

Guess it was all worth it in

the end

Because now I know finally

That I was wrong and that the right thing is to leave you behind

It is time to unwind

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