Spain study abroad

On schedule

DO’s & DONE’s Before I Leave…



  • Roommates: check! (American & Spanish… Perfect combination!!)
  • Big suitcase: delivered yesterday!
  • Meeting arrangements with friends & family in Spain: all set and done! (Karine in February, grandmother & aunts in March, Kim in March, …)
  • Ticket home: check April! 4 days to Belgium.
  • Sleepover with my godchild before I leave
  • Final appointment at my hairdresser (she’s the best, don’t wanna miss her so long!)
  • Application for my internship (planned for 2014): Ecuador, Peru or Nicaragua –> as long as it is far, Spanish and awesome, I’m fine with it! šŸ˜‰
  • Distribution of the plants in my appartment: check!
  • Learned my mother how to Skype >> Mission only half accomplished (she has no webcam hahahaha)


  • One way ticket Valencia – Brussels: never wanna book it!!!! 
  • Driving license classes: needed for this summer
  • Extra piece of luggage at the airline I’m flying with (way too much to carry to Spain!)
  • Final dates with all my friends…. My agenda is becoming overloaded
  • Cancelling my telecommunication contracts + bringing all the stuff back to the store
  • Final big cleaning session at my house (any volunteer?…)




  • Business Economics
  • Applied Informatics 2: Microsoft Office – Excel
  • Travel Technology
  • English for Tourism: Focus on the US & Canada
  • Statistics
  • Spanish 2 (college)


  • Travel Industry Law
  • Travel Insurances
  • Aviation
  • Spanish 2 (university)
  • Leisure Management

Thumbs up for me !

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