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10 of My Favorite Hot Spots in Palma de Mallorca (For Foodies)

Time flies when you’re having fun! I’m already one month in Palma de Mallorca and it feels like I’ve arrived here yesterday. It’s a good sign, I guess! I also realized I’ve spent quite a lot of time in the city before and after work, which is good news. Even better: I’ve made a list of my 10 favorite spots in Palma de Mallorca so far (for eating, drinking and chilling out).

Prepare yourself for the 10 best bars and restaurants in Palma de Mallorca, according to my one-month foodie experience here! Oh My God… This city is amazing and has so much to offer! Heaven for food lovers and foodstagrammers!

Continue to read if you want to know where to eat, drink and chill out in Palma de Mallorca!

PS: These hot spots are not ranked in accordance to my preference. They are all great!

1. BON VENT Bar & Cafe

The very first bar I spotted in Palma was during my Sunday afternoon walk in Platja de Palma, it’s about 8 km or a a good 1,5 hours of walking from the city center.

BON VENT Cafe & Bar is one of the few Bohemian spots you can find in this area. Most places are honestly a bit touristy and kitsch in this area, but BON VENT is different!

They serve delicious Sangria and typical Balearic tapas, beachfront sea views and a friendly staff included. Don’t miss this place on your walk!

Delicious tapas and sangria at BON VENT in Platja de Palma

2. Es Princep Boutique Hotel

On a beautiful free afternoon I was walking around the city with my roommate when I coincidentally saw the amazing rooftop terrace of Es Princep, a Small Luxury Hotel in Palma from down on the street.

Not sure if I was even able to enter this super fancy and brand-new hotel, I gave it a try. One minute later I was in the elevator and enjoying a coffee on one of the best rooftop terraces in town, and…. only 2 blocks away from where I live.

I guess this was my lucky diva day! I paid ‘only’ 3 euros for the Cafe Bombon (small strong coffee with condensed milk) and enjoyed the sun and the views over the port of Palma de Mallorca for a while. Not bad for a Small Leading Hotel of the World!

Es Princep Boutique Hotel offers the most fancy rooftop terrace I discovered so far

3. Bar Coto

Everybody knows that I love – if not say adore – Frida Kahlo, the celebrated Mexican painter. I love her style, her art, her dress, her movie, her books, her decorations, her dramatic love life, … I love everything about her.

One day I bumped into Bar Coto, an authentic restaurant near La Lonja in the historic center of Palma. The weather was beautiful and I decided to have their lunch menu for 11,90 EUR (including starter, main course and dessert) at the terrace.

Only when I walked inside, I discovered what a beautiful Frida Kahlo styled interior they had. Everything was painted and decorated in red. On the menu: Mexican food with a fusion of Thai, Indian and Spanish food. OMG, food heaven for me! All my favorite cuisines in the world united!

BAR COTO is the place to be for world cuisine lovers and admirers of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo

4. Cafe l’Antiquari

Believe it or not, sometimes it rains in paradise. On a rainy day – after visiting Fundacion Joan Miro – I went out for lunch with a colleague in the city. We wanted to go to a famous tapas bar, but it was completely full. Can happen to top-ranked restaurants, I guess.

A man on the street saw my disappointed face and told me to go to Cafe l’Antiquari. Following his good advice and my openminded intuition, I followed his instructions to this place a few blocks further. It appeared to be a great alternative (if not, a better one).

I had a delicious Pa’Amb Oli with avocado and feta cheese + a home-made ice tea. My colleague also tried the homemade tiramisu. I tried all and must say: tested and approved. V

For a quick and healthy (but still typical Spanish) lunch in town, you need to be at Cafe l’Antiquari

5. Café la Lonja

Plaça de la Llotja is one of my favorite places in the city to sit, drink something, chat with a friend and watch people passing by. It is very touristic, located very very near by the cathedral, but at the same time it is hidden behind a corner near the port.

Cafe La Lonja does not only have great tapas (I didn’t try them, but they smelled so good that I almost wanted to steal them from my neighbor’s table), it also has the best white Sangria I’ve had so far on the island.

Usually Sangria is made with red wine and fruits, but you can also have it with white wine or cava. A glass of this goodie might cost you 6 EUROS here.

My favorite spot for sitting on a sunny terrace and watching people while drinking white sangria is Lonja Cafe

6. Restaurante Bistró Pozuelo

I guess that no one expects a shopping mall to have great restaurants or views, but this shopping mall in the center of Palma de Mallorca is THE exception to the rule.

Restaurante Bistró Pozuelo is a nice surprise, that’s the least you can say. It has beautiful views over the historic city, the port AND the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, and it is not so busy as most other places in town.

Moreover, the menu offers great salads and fresh (detox) juices, an amazing wine card and friendly service. What more do you wish for on a shopping break in a mall?

You can enjoy amazing views over the city from the rooftop terrace of El Corte Ingles Shopping Mall.

7. Temple Cafe

Santa Catalina is the most trendy spot in Palma. It’s a centric area with a vibrant nightlife, plenty of (good!) restaurants and it’s the place-to-be for spotting fancy people having fun.

Of course, there must be a place like Temple Bar here… “Cocina Sana y Vegetal” is the motto of people who frequent this area for its market as well. A healthy body in a healthy mind, that’s what it’s all about in this spiritual shop / restaurant / bar.

On their small but Ibiza-white-style terrace, I enjoyed my Acai Smoothie Bowl (with you-can-eat-me violet flower). It was delicious and made me instant zen. Namaste!

Temple Cafe is my favorite spot in Santa Catalina for açaí smoothie bowls. Zen vibes only!

8. Vermú Pintxos y Latas

I’ve always been a ‘Martini on the Rocks’ fan but Mallorquins are crazy about it. They call what I call Martini, Vermouth (or “vermut” in Catalan). And they have special places where they are specialized in serving ‘Vermouth’. It’s insane, delicious, super sweet and super cheap (2,50 EUR per serving)!

The best Vermouth I had in Vermú, another great bar in Santa Catalina. Not coincidentally, my favorite spots are mostly located in this trendy area. Everybody loves it here and it’s where the buzz is going.

People start hanging in and around this Vermuteria after 7, and eating is possible, but mostly after sunset. Spanish people are late with their tapas, but life is good. ‘tranquilo’, take it easy!

Wanna go where the locals go? Then go to Vermú and drink Vermouth on the street front terrace.

9. Spot Mallorca

Spot Mallorca is one of the newest ‘hot spots’ in Palma. It has a beautiful interior and it’s where fancy people (or people who feel like hippie-fancy) nowadays go for a lunch out with friends.

I met my New Mexican friend, Dania, who works on the island as a nanny here before heading into town together. We had a great time at Spot Mallorca and stayed much longer than anticipated: I wonder if it’s all about good company or a good vibe in a good place… or maybe a mix of both!

I literally had the best Carrot Cake in my life here. Seriously! It was presented a bit strangely in a big bowl with quite a lot of white (but not too sweet) cream and hazelnut ice cream on top of it, but it tasted like I went to heaven and came back. Good spot for when you have cravings!!

Fancy a good carrot cake with a good glass of wine? Then settle yourself for a while at SPOT MALLORCA.

10. La Cuadra del Maño

Last but not least… there is La Cuadra del Maño. This is kind of the exception in my hot spot list: first of all, it’s not the kind of fancy bohemian place that I usually like. Secondly, it’s for meat lovers (and I’m NOT a meat lover). But this place is the bomb!

Discovering this place while actually looking for a wine bar in the smallest streets of the old town, I just could not resist the smell that came outside this narrow tapabar. La Cuadra del Maño is hidden, yet always busy. I was lucky to get my spot!

If you want to try authentic Spanish cuisine for cheap prices according to local standards, eat your tummy full, share the table with locals, drink good wine, and have a great night out: go here! You’ll spend about 30 EUROS for more than you can eat and drink.

Spanish people love meat and tapas. The best prepared ones I’ve tried at La Cuadra del Maño.


These are 10 of My Favourite Hot Spots in Palma de Mallorca that I discovered from March to April 2019. I did not get sponsored for promoting these places. The reviews above are based on my personal and sincere experience. If I test a place out but don’t like it, it won’t appear on the list.

Of course, you’re welcome to invite me to your place and who knows it might appear in one of my next blog posts about Mallorca. Contact me if you would like to collaborate. Or share your favorite hot spots in Palma de Mallorca in a comment below.

orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.
You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.


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