The 10 Best Hotels in Mallorca For Gypsy Souls

It is no longer a secret that I am a Gypsy Soul, I love to travel and I developed my nomadic soul definitely while living here on Mallorca. The past few months on this beautiful island have been a blessing and I have had the opportunity to visit many of its beautiful villages, beaches, restaurants and hotels. Today I want to share with you the hotels that I enjoyed most, based on the price, atmosphere, location, view, service, … you name it!

Time to explore some of the best hotels on Mallorca for Gypsy Souls!

This is my Top 10*:

  1. Cook’s Club, Palma Beach
  2. Hotel Mama, Palma de Mallorca
  3. Hotel Bella Colina, Paguera
  4. Hotel Sa Baronia, Banyalbufar
  5. Bikini Island & Mountain Resort, Port de Soller
  6. Hotel Dalt Muntanya, Orient
  7. Pension Bellavista, Port de Pollenca
  8. Boutique Hotel Jardi d’Arta, Arta
  9. Som Suret Cool Hotel, Portopetro
  10. Cal Reiet Holistic Retreats, Santanyi

*The hotels are not listed in order of preference.

1: Cook’s Club Palma Beach, Playa de Palma

OKAY, I work for Thomas Cook. That is no longer a secret. But… It is not because I work for Thomas Cook that I am going to list all Thomas Cook hotels here. No. I have carefully tested some of their branded hotels and resorts (such as this Cook’s Club Palma Beach), and this came out as my favorite one for gypsy souls (& digital nomads too, because it offers a co-working space!).

Cook’s Club is a new hotel chain with hotels opening all around the world for the new Millenial generation. It focuses on good music, street food on demand, great cocktails at the pool bar and chilled-out vibes. It also has a much more trendy and comfy vibes than any other typical holiday hotels that you will find in Playa de Palma (or tourist resorts), so if you’re looking for a beach holiday spot to crash, this is it! 

PS: Palma is only 1 bus ride of €1,50 away (so it’s also great for a city trip & beach getaway)!

2: Hotel Mama, Palma de Mallorca

If you want to stay in the city of Palma de Mallorca where the buzz is really going, then I completely understand. I am in LOVE with this city (ever since I started living here since March 2019). Although I do not need to sleep in hotels here (because I have a place to live), I do like to go check out other hotels, such as Hotel Mama, and particularly their rooftop terraces and pools. Yes, I am addicted to living a high-society life… 😉

One of the most chilled-out, highly From Julie With Love – styled design hotels in the city is Hotel Mama. That is: Artisan tiles, collector furniture, natural light and inspired by styles ranging from Art Deco to oriental influences! YES, make yourself at home here! Mama will take care of you, whether it is in one of the 6 different kind of prestigious room types, at the tapas bar or in the Grand Café, Hotel Mama is a pearl in the city (with great views over the cathedral and historic town)!

One more reason to visit Hotel Mama for me is the unique cinema experience that it offers with Cappucine: the hotel offers you to enjoy both vintage and contemporary films in a magical cinema inspired by some famous paintings that will brings you back to 1920s Paris. This is an extremely exclusive and comfortable movie theatre, that has screenings Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5PM with only 30 seats. Original version with subtitles in Spanish. Bookings through the reception. 

3: Hotel Bella Colina, Paguera

A bit more to the West side of Mallorca, not particularly my favorite part of the island with party places for English and German tourists, there are some exceptions to the rule. Luckily! The reopened Bella Colina Vintage Hotel est. 1953 is one of those places that magically sets new standards and belongs to the most beautiful houses in the region.

It is located on a privileged hill-site in Paguera and therefore has a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding mountains. I am absolutely amazed by the happy and colorful vintage design of the lounge and the restaurant. Hotel Bella Colina So colorful that I cannot resist… Who would not love to spend some time there?! This is a place that will make you happy!

All rooms have airconditioning and there is also a swimming pool, a lounge and a pool bar with cocktails, snacks and relaxed music. Hammock spotted as well! Gosh, what a place!

4: Pension Sa Baronia, Banyalbufar

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy one of the best sunsets on the island, in my opinion, there is no better place than Pension Sa Baronia. For a really affordable price (I paid only 90 euros for a double room for 2 persons including breakfast in high season), you get to unwind completely and forget about all your sorrows.

My friends called me crazy when I said I was going to Banyalbufar – a really small village in the Sierra de Tramuntana – but I turned out to be right: it is an ideal place to relax after hiking or cycling, and there are some places to visit nearby, such as Torre del Verger (one of my Top 10 Instagram Spots on the island).

An absolutely gorgeous swimming pool located on the hill-side edge offers stunning views over the rural terraces and Mediterranean Sea whereas the hotel Sa Baronia itself is located in a 17thcentury old stately home.

5: Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel, Port de Soller

LIFE IS BETTER IN BIKINI, they say at Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel. Okay, this might not be the cheapest option of this hotel list, but it is on my ultimate Mallorca Bucket List ever since I got to the island and discovered the happy rainbow staircase of this hotel in Port de Soller.

One obligation: “If you’re going to Bikini, be sure to wear flowers in your hair.You’re going to meet some gentle people there!” it reads on the ground before entering the staircase. So, don’t break the rule and go 100% for your GIPSY SOUL outfit and mindset. Well yeah, after all… There are nice places, great places and there’s the Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel Port de Sóller

PS: Make sure to eat at the incredible NENI Mallorca restaurant and enjoy the views over the port of Port de Soller. And oh yeah… of course, they also organize yoga retreats here!

6: Hotel Dalt Muntanya, Orient

Sometimes all you have to do is get away from it all. Go OFF THE BEATEN TRACK and head into the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. to discover Hotel Dalt Muntanya. It is the home of tranquillity itself in perfect harmony with nature. Few hotels will feel so cosy and personal as this one. 

Relax at the beautiful pool and enjoy some of the best hidden restaurants of the island, such as Restaurant Mandala, or go for a degustation menu in the neighboring hotel Son Palau. Jummie! And romantic (even if you don’t have a boyfriend, but just bring a friend, like I did).

7: Pension Bellvista, Port de Pollenca

Pension Bellavista is an oasis for budget-lovers on Mallorca, located in the heart of Puerto Pollensa. I challenge you to propose a better hotel than this one for this price-quality on the island. This place is the best of the best deal! It has no swimming pool, but it has an on-site vegan and vegetarian restaurant (and that is unique for Spanish meatlovers) with tested and approved meals by From Julie with Love. 

Pension Bella Vista is a family-run pension and the owners has a big heart for animals. They are active in animal shelters on the island and therefore only accept animal-loving-guests. Yes, one cat accidentally jumped into my room from the balcony and decided to sleep next to me. I just enjoyed my one-night stand! 😀 

PS: As it is located right by the bus stop, it is a perfect base to explore the North of Mallorca with beautiful beaches like Playa de Muro, the famous Cap de Formentor, the historic city of Alcudia, and a direct connection to the airport… all by bus! 

8: Hotel Jardi d’Arta, Arta

Voltaire once said: “The paradise on earth is where I am”. Well, maybe he was at Hotel Jardi d’Arta, a hotel with a stunning Arabic garden and still enough Mallorcan soul to feed your hunger for Mediterranean flavours. This is one of the most charming town hotels on the island, and conveniently located in the heart of the town of Arta but also a short ride away from many beaches in the North East.

There are only 9 lovingly designed rooms and 3 suites in this boutique hotel, so each of them have their own unique character. I can’t help but dream away when looking at its pool by sunset. Isn’t this a piece of heaven on earth? Yes, sometimes dreams come true.

9: Som Suret Cool Hotel, Portopetro

On the east side of the island of Mallorca, you will find tons of hotel resorts that are packed with tourists on crowded beaches. The Som Suret Cool Hotel, also known as the former Varadero Hotel is a break of that trend on the east coast. It is Adults Only (yes, sorry, but if you’re on a holiday without children, you most likely prefer also not to be surrounded by children, especially at the pool). 

Hotel Som Suret is situated just a few meters from a traditional maritime port and offers a bit of a different and exclusive holiday experience for a short escape or a holiday with its incredible rooftop Ibiza-style white lounge, beautiful views and comfortable beds. And all of this at very affordable prices, which is probably one of my main reasons to choose for this hotel: price according to quality!

10: Cal Reiet Holistic Retreats, Santanyi 

If it can be a little bit more, and if you are looking for a holistic wellbeing retreat instead of a ‘normal’ holiday as a gypsy soul, then Cal Reiet is maybe something for you! I would actually not really call this a hotel, as the idea is to come here to restore yourself in a special environment with treatments, massages and special body, mind and spirit offerings on the menu. 

For Cal Reiet, holistic living is all about the lifestyle, and the property breaths that ideology. Whether you come as an individual or in a group retreat, you will be pampered for sure here. Cal Reiet is an oasis away from everyday life where you can rejuvenate, grow and reconnect with your true-self. Its aim is to create a magical place, where guests can find inspiration, joy and harmony within.


If you book through this link via, you get 15 euros discount (after your stay) and me too! So please, use it wisely… and let me know how your trip to Mallorca was. Or if you have another hotel tip to share.

Have a nice time in Mallorca, you gypsy soul!

x x x From Julie with Love x x x

The 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Mallorca

Mallorca is filled with the most beautiful Instagram places and photographic opportunities. Just take a look at my Instagram profile and you’ll immediately see that I can continue to take photos FOREVER on this amazing island. From small villages to rocky bays and fancy restaurants…. Mallorca has it all!

This blog post is all about the best places to Instagram in Mallorca. I will show you my favorite shot spots on the island: some are popular places, others are off the beaten track. Up to you to discover them yourself now. And Psssss….. let me know what your Top 10 looks like (in a comment below)!

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Working Abroad for Thomas Cook in Mallorca

A lot of people dream about working abroad in a sunny southern country like Spain. However, only few succeed. If you are able to speak a few foreign languages and if you have some experiences working in the tourism industry, you might have a step ahead. Then you can work for tour operators like Thomas Cook abroad, like me! So, how to do that? And what is it like to work in a Spanish island? Continue reading to find out!

In my last blog post I announced that I got a position as a Connected Service Consultant at Thomas Cook for the Summer Season 2019. Basically, this means that I am working in Destination Management abroad to support travelers who are on a holiday and need some assistance. 

My Placement for the Summer Season

What I did not know when I applied for the job is where I would end up working. I was either going to work in Crete (Greece), Palma de Mallorca (Spain) or Faro (Portugal). I was lucky to get my prefered destination and so I got to stay in Mallorca, a beautiful island that belongs to the Balearic island group in the Mediterranean sea. 

However, I found out that I will need to change destinations after being in Spain for 183 days. Apparently, this has to do with local tax duties: if you live somewhere more than 183 days under a foreign contract, you need to start paying local taxes. So, to avoid that Thomas Cook re-places its employers every 183 days to another destination. Next: Faro or Crete?!

I now live together with 2 amazing roommates in an apartment with seaview near the beach in the capital Palma de Mallorca. One of my roommates is German and the other one is Polish. Both are females. It is a beautiful modern apartment with a large kitchen, three spacious bedrooms, a balcony, three bathrooms, … everything I wished for!

I’m working and living in Palma de Mallorca for 183 days!

Finding Balance: One Month on the Job

I am almost one month here now, time flies! So it is time to make up a balance after having settled. How is it to be working here? Well, great so far! I must admit I was a bit worried to be living with colleagues (because who knows whether I like them or not!), and I was not sure if an office job (even if it were in a foreign country) was really what I wanted to do… but I am really feeling great so far here!

I am surrounded by professional and frienfly people and colleagues and my roommates are great (as in clean, quiet, fun and respectful). Also, I have 2 days off every week so there is enough time to have a break from work to explore the island. I have already done some trips during my off-days and after work there is always a few spare hours to go for drinks or tapas in the city. 

On my days off I can explore the island, or visit the beach (3 minutes from home).

At work I am finally (after a few weeks of intensive training) settled in my job role: I need to take phone calls, answer e-mails, Whatsapp and SMS messages of customers who are currently on a holiday and need assistance with pretty much everything you can imagine that can be categorized mainly as: 

  • A complaint
  • An incident
  • An enquiry 

I think the most frequent things that travelers ask assistance with so far is:

  • A transfer to the airport
  • A room change in the hotel
  • A hotel change in case they don’t like their hotel
  • Help with insurance matters when they are sick
  • Booking excursions 
  • Assistance to report lost or stolen items 
  • Going home early or later
  • Online check-in with their flights
  • … 

For all these issues, there are a lot of parties in a lot of countries involved: hotels, local agents, brokers, airlines, administrators, taxi drivers, travel agents, receptionists, … so a lot of the times I need to contact people who work in the tourism industry.

I am currently working at the Thomas Cook headquarters in Palma de Mallorca.

So Far, So Good! Why I Like the Job

I like a lot that I can use a lot of my language skills: I help customers in Dutch (or Flemish, my mother tongue) and French (the second official language of Belgium, my home country) and I when speaking to third parties I mostly speak English or Spanish. At the office, English is the main business language. This job is veryyyyyyy good to practice and improve your language skills!

What I like most about the job so far is that I really feel that you can make a difference in someone’s holiday, how simple or small the issue may be. And even though people are not always directly thanking you, you know that because of what you did, their holiday changed for the better. So if you are looking for a job that gives you satisfaction, working in Destination Management is definitely it!

Another nice thing is that I work with colleagues from all over Europe in the office so I live in a very international environment. I work of course more closely together with my Dutch and French speaking colleagues in my team, but there is also a German, Hungarian, Polish and British team. So, when we go out with colleagues, it is always an interesting mix!

The Biggest Challenge: Timing & Shifts

The fact that I work in a shift system is very new to me and is probably the biggest challenge. There are different shifts, more or less from 6.00-15.00, from 9.00-17.00, from 12.00-21.00, and a night shift from 21.00-6.00. Each time you work 5 days, and then you get 2 days off. For the night shift, you work 4 days and get 3 days off. The shift changes every week with a rotation system.

The good thing about this shift system is that you can do something different every week: going to markets in more a morning thing, going to concerts is more a night acvitity, and going to the beach might be better early in the morning or late in the afternoon (when it is not too hot yet). So, you can plan activities according to your schedule. But I still need to get used to developed a flexible biorythm. 

Also, the bus system on the island is not the most reliable and especially not from where I live in the city. I have been arriving late twice already at work, which is of course not giving the best impression as I am still in my trial period. I have to get better in timing… but I found a solution! I ordered a beautiful bicycle (which will hopefully arrive soon!) so I can drive myself to work and get some excercise on top of that. 

Living the Spanish Life, timing “mañaña mañana” included. I need to learn to arrive on time.

Conclusion: Better than I Expected…

Overall, I think that this job itself is maybe not that different from a job that you would do in your home country in a call center, for example, but there is nothing better in the world than being surrounded by an international like-minded team of people who are adventurous like you, who like to travel, who are flexible and open-minded. 

… And most of all, there is no better feeling in the world than to take a deep breathe after work and to step outside the office everyday, to breathe in sea breeze and put on your sunglasses. To go outside after work to explore a holiday destination. Realizing that you are so blessed to live here for months, because many people only have one or two weeks abroad to enjoy it. So, be grateful. 

Every day is a holiday in Spain!

Wanna Work For Thomas Cook?! 

Do you think this job is something for you? Well, then go for it! But before deciding whether you apply… Check out my check list whether it is really something for you. And please, do not hesitate to comment bellow with any question you have. I will be so happy to reply!

My Check List …

Working abroad for Thomas Cook is something for you if you like to :

  • travel a lot and live abroad
  • see many destinations
  • get an apartment and costs covered
  • live somewhere with a lower cost of living
  • be surrounded by an International team
  • get a lot of job training
  • work 5 days and get 2 days off
  • have a high salary for local standards
  • work for bonuses based on performance 

Maybe working abroad for Thomas Cook is NOT for you if you are looking for: 

  • a high salary
  • a fixed contract
  • a private apartment 
  • permanent residency abroad 
  • career growth possibilities
  • fixed working hours 
  • stability

If you are 100% sure that you want to go for it, then apply now to become my colleague: as a Dutch-French speaking agent, Polish and German speaking agent, or Czech and German speaking agent. Or take a look on the Career website of Thomas Cook for other currently available positions.

x x x From Julie With Love x x x

Please let me know in a comment if you like this post, or if you are interested in this job. Or maybe you have worked / currently work for Thomas Cook too? I’m curious if you have anything to add… Any personal experiences? Sharing is caring!