Dear friends, Dear world,

Welcome on my first blog ever. I decided to make this blog because I overloaded Facebook. There was and is so much crossing my mind, crossing my way, crossing my life and my journey. And there is simply too much experience to share. Probably, there is no better place than a blog to do this. It makes me able to put my thoughts and creativity somewhere. I feel like I will have to kick off from ‘likes’ and ‘reactions’ and ‘notifications’ and ‘messages’ and ‘friending’ and ‘defriending’ but… It is definately time for something new. Well, actually, I think it is always a good time for something new. That’s something you will notice soon as you keep on reading / following this blog.

I wish you a lot of fun and good times here, and I hope to hear your comments.
And let me end by saying…:

“From Julie with Love.”

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