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Grape Picking vs. Student Job

It’s the 18th of August today. I have 12 days left at work.


Currently, I work for Echo Reizen, a travel agency in Belgium, and Enjoy Paradise, a touroperator specialised in cruises and luxury holidays. I love the job, no doubt about that. But in September, my monthly student contract ends. Than it’s an empty hole for me. What can I do for 30 days?? Well, there are options ofcourse:

  • sleeping long every day ==> boring, not my style
  • travelling => currently no budget available!
  • meeting friends, shopping & going out => the good life, but too much isn’t good + expensive
  • working => okay but 2 months is long + I have to find a good job (read: well paid)

And than, by chance I stumbled on another option:

  • grape picking in France => *PING* *PING* *PING* *PING* said my mind… You know, like the casino slot machines. All pieces felt together.


My heart already decided and I am thrilled to go for the experience but.. My mind started a conversation with my heart: “If you work one month, you can earn about 1500 euro. If you go grape picking, you can earn not even half of it.” “So,” said my heart, “I will think about it and try to make up a balance, and a wise decision.”

That’s what I am trying to do now: making up the balance and the right decision.

This afternoon, after work, I went to a few shops and I think the chance is big I can get a job there. But it’s very simple, boring. There’s no challenge about it. And this afternoon too, I received an email response from a terrific wine farm in the south of France. A few minutes ago I sent them more information about myself because they do still need grape harvesters for September and I might be one of the chosen ones for the 2012 season!

Website of Marotte Vins in France

Click to see the *PING* *PING* *PING* … 😉

And please, leave a comment if any thought comes into your mind. Share it !


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