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Romantic Sailing in Mallorca (Even If You Don’t Have A Boyfriend)

There’s nothing more romantic than a sailing boat trip on the ocean with a privately chartered yacht. Well, there’s nothing more romantic than a romance, of course. Unless you don’t have a romantic partner, then there’s nothing more romantic than a boat trip with friends (and even strangers).

Joern from Romantic Sailing Mallorca, an adventurous German captain with a big heart for the ocean, invited me to come and see it myself: Romantic Sailing can be fun, even if you don’t have a boyfriend (or girlfriend)! Check out my little boat travelogue here…

Let’s Book A Boat

Early in the morning I took a train from Palma de Mallorca to the north of the island where I would meet my friend Stephie to go to Port de Alcudia, where we would meet Joern to embark on his beautiful sailing boat around 11 AM. The plan for the day: let him bring us to a fantastic spot for snorkeling and water fun, enjoy a lunch on the boat, pull out the sails and explore the sea. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?!

Sailboat or Catamaran?

Just to get things clear, when you go on a holiday, and you see some advertisements for boat excursions, you probably get overwhelmed easily by different prices, options, boat types and arrangement packages. The first thing you need to decide is what is better for you: a catamaran or a sailboat.

See the difference? Left is a catamaran: faster but more unstable, two hulls and a spacious deck, but to the right a much more beautiful and elegant boat aesthetics with one hull and beautiful sails that really catch the winds. It is probably also a matter of personal taste, but ever since I got a bad experience in Curacao being seasick on a catamaran back in 2010 (yes, they are known for that), I’ve always opted for more authentic sailboats.

Sailing… Let’s Go!

So, 11 AM it was time to head out to the ocean for about 5 hours on board of a beautiful sailboat. We were immediately welcomed with a glass of wine to start in style and watched the scenery pass by on the way from Puerto de Alcudia to Platja de Call Baix.

Joern explained that the Porsche family owns a big property – Club de Golf Alcanada – somewhere on the hill that we saw gliding by at the horizon. There is supposingly even a museum of Arts – Museo Sa Bassa Blanca – on their property.

Travel Tales

Then it was time for his life story. Sorry, that is my mistake. As an anthropologist I tend to interrogate people about their histories because I am always fascinated by people’s lives: I mean… How amazing is it to live a life like a sailor and go to take out people on a boat every day? I found out that Joern is spending the winters in the Caribbean – where his wife is also from – and he even offers sailing trips there. How cool is that?!

That works inspiring, no? What I love about traveling is that you constantly meet new people with different background and unique stories. But one thing such travelers and gypsy souls have in common: they have decided to leave the 9-to-5 office life behind and have chosen 100% for their nomadic dream life. #goals

Anchor What?!

No, not the temples in Cambodia. Those are called Angkor Wat. Waking up from a beautiful daydream looking over the horizon, Joern announced that he had put the anchor out. This was it, we arrived at Call Baix, the hidden snorkel spot of the day.

It was so freaking hot on the boat that we could not wait to get off the boat and float around like red grilled prawns in the bay. Some of us tried snorkeling (and yes, they lost the snorkel gear in the water). One of the guys tried to dive down to catch it, but the water was more than 8 meters deep, so… forget it. Bye bye snorkel gear!

What’s Up… SUP?

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. We’ve learned something today. About the abbreviation, not the act itself. I was super enthusiast mentally, yet a bit resistant physically, to try out the wonderful act of standing up straight with a paddle on a surf board AKA stand up paddle boarding.

It was a funny sight to look at, but hey… credits for those who try, right?! Actually, I would really really really like to learn this for real. I’ve always saw other people doing it, and it looked damn easy, but it is damn hard to get up straight and stand on such a board while keeping balance on a moving surface beneath you.

Siesta Time

After having had some fun and cooling down in the sea, we arrived back on the boat to dry up and had a delicious Bruschetta-styles baguette with tomatoes, rocket salad, mozzarella and balsamico for lunch on the boat. And more wine – of course – before setting sails out in the ocean.

My friend, Stephie, tried to get the sails going, but better to let real sailors do it. And me? I became lazier with the minute, especially once I settled myself like Kate Winslet in front of the boat for the most romantic views, or at least the imagination of a romance à la Leonardi di Caprio. Luckily (?) no Titanic scenarios today.

Bye Bye Boat!

Around 4PM we were back in the port. On a hot July afternoon, we were not really lucky with the wind in our sails today so it was not really a very moving boat trip (usually when there is a lot of wind, it can get quite exiting to sail around) but we definitely enjoyed each and every minute of it.

How relaxing it can be to be on a boat and forget life on earth for a little while?! Amazing!

And as soon as we got off, new people were already jumping on the boat to head off to watch sunset and have diner during one of the most romantic sunset diner cruises on Mallorca. Book your spot here, even if you don’t have a boyfriend, you can also bring a friend!

x x x From Julie with Love x x x

Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by Romantic Sailing Mallorca. From Julie with Love only partners with brands, services and products that she is passionate about and appreciates the support of others making this blog possibe!


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